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Communication Service

E-Mail: -

  • The transmission of text messages over the Internet from one computer to another.
  • Billions of e-mail are sent each day
  • Messages take only a few second to arrive at the inbox
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world and it is fast, flexible, easy and reliable
  • Quicker to send and receive mail, and at a fraction of the cost
  • Also send other media with it, e.g. picture, movies, sound files, or other documents


Path of an e-mail


User 1 write the e-mail and then sends it off to an e-mail address (e.g. the message is sent from user 1ís computer to the mail server via SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) it is then sent to the recipients ISPís (Internet service provider) mail server, when the recipient requests there mail from there ISPís mail server it is download to there computer via POP (Post office protocol).

When the mail is originally sent to your ISPís mail server, the address is looked at this determines which mail server the mail gets sent too. This is done by a DNS (Domain name server) this server looks at the address and breaks it up, and then finds the IP (internet protocol address) address of it, with is like the telephone number for that computer on the Internet.  Once it has made contact with the recipients mail server, it has a short ďconversationĒ including information bout the sender and who it is to be received by and then the message is sent the connection is closed down and the transfer of the e-mail is complete.

E-Mail client: -

  1. shows you all the mail in your inbox
  2. It lets you select a message in your inbox and view the full message
  3. It allows you to create and send new messages
  4. And also most e-mail clients let you send attachments


E-mail is used by individual or by businesses it is an easy, flexible and cheap way to send messages and documents to each other. Most individuals use there ISPís mail server were as so small company and many larger companies have there own mail server, in larger companies this server is often a dedicated one meaning that its main role is the transfer of mail.

Many individuals use e-mail as a way of keeping on contact with family member or for contacting company, companies may contact suppliers by e-mail and also run a customer support service through e-mail. E-mail allows individual and business to send and receive files send as attachments these file may contain photos of business project or of special occasion from family members.

There are still many today who do not use e-mail this may be due to many reason. An example of a group of people who donít use e-mail would be the older generation, this is because the idea of e-mail is new, and they have been shown how to use the new technology. There are also a large number of people who donít use an e-mail system because they do not have access to a computer; it is impossible to access your e-mail without access to a computer.

It is possible with computer to pick up your e-mail whenever you want to from where ever you want too. This is because the mail servers and always turned on so when you log on to your e-mail anywhere in the world. The client on your local machine requests from you ISPís mail server your e-mails and downloads them. There are many different types of e-mail clients there are stand-alone programs like Microsoft Outlook express or Microsoft outlook, it is also possible to access your e-mail from the internet if your ISP supports web mail, example of web mail facilities are hotmail, gmail and yahoo.

There are many problems which can occur with the e-mail system, the e-mail system relies on many computer to send just one piece of mail, so if one of those computers isnít working properly or malfunctions then no mail will get through.

I feel that e-mail is slowly replacing the letter however I feel the telephone call has been given a new leash of life by the latest developments in video conferencing.


Advantages and disadvantages of E-Mail




Fast, E-mail can be received almost instantly



One computer goes wrong in the chain and your e-mail doesnít get through


Less expensive, although the original set-up cost can be high if you have a dedicated e-mail server in the long term it is more cost effective



Not accessible to everyone because not everyone has access to a computer

Reliable if you send a piece of mail you know that it will get to the recipient




You can seen the piece of mail to multiple recipients at he same time



Advantages and disadvantages of tradition mail





Slow, may take several days for a piece of mail to travel the length of the country or around the world

Proves a hard copy of the information



Expensive if you have to keep sending mail

Access able to almost everyone you donít have to be connected to the internet to pick up your mail



There is a growing chance that your mail will either arrive late to the recipient or will not get there at all.

Better for official documents






As you can see both systems have there advantages and there disadvantages, and both systems are extremely useful and both still valid in todayís society however with the idea of a paperless office and the increasing cost of sending mail. I feel that sending e-mail will grow further especially as computers continue to take off and are more access to everyone.


What is the difference between web-based e-mail and client e-mail services?


The main difference between web-based e-mail and client e-mail is that web-based is exactly what is says, it is web based you run/access it from your Internet browser and is not installed on your local machine. Client e-mail is outlook express and similar software. This software has to be installed on the machine locally which mean for example if you use a third party client e.g. AOL e-mail reader then you must have that installed on every computer you may want to retrieve your e-mails off. Many ISPís offer a client e-mail service along with a web-based version.



Instant messenger

Instant messaging is a system of talking with people in real time. This means that you can have a normal conversation with someone, in the same amount of time, instead of having to wait for him or her to pick up and read the e-mail you can just talk to people like you would if you were talking to them face-to-face.



  • Instant messaging allows fast easy response
  • Instant messaging allows you to view a list of contacts who are currently online
  • Instant messaging allow all the same feature of e-mail such as the transmission of file
  • So instant messaging programs also allow you to send and receive web cam
  • Some instant messaging programs also allow you to send and receive audio like a phone call
  • Can be used on non-PC's, like handheld computer and PDAís and also the new range of smart phones.


Instant messaging is used by a wide age range however it is mainly used the 13 + age range, the teenagers. Instant messaging is used by teenagers for everything from homework help to general socialising, so other used are IM has and is used for dating, business meetings and also with the new technology like video conferencing it is really taking off in businesses and also as way of teaching. 

            Instant messaging is an emerging technology and is still growing rapidly; this is because it is an extremely easy and safe way to socialise. One big problem is today teenagers congregating on the street, and teens get complained at for this. Youth clubs are closing now so they are looking for a new way to talk with out having to be out on the streets. Also instant messaging is safer then chat rooms because in chat room any one can talk to you were as on instant messenger you can only talk to people you have added. In chat rooms you donít allows know exactly whom you are talking too, which causes concern about the safety of chat rooms which has only added to the popularity of the instant messenger services.

            Instant messenger is also used in technical support an example is in Linksys a company which makes network equipment offers real time support in the for of an instant messenger allowing you to talk to a representative of Linksys who will help you solve your problem, this I feel is a very good Idea because sitting talking to people on the phone while trying to operate a computer at the same time is often difficult were as typing into instant messenger which on the computer is easier and also more convenient. It is an extremely good idea if you have dialup Internet being as you canít work on a dialup connection while on the phone.

            There are many instant messaging services around however there do seem to be a few clear leaders in the race. These leaders are AOL, MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger. MSN messenger offer a few additional service as well as messaging, it allows you to set up video conferencing free of charge and also get access to MySpace, an area of web space which you can personalise to suit your tastes. I think these messenger are more populate because they offer a wide range feature as well a just talking, you can play games, hold audio conversations, share applications and also ask a friend on your contact list for assistance with a problem.


What is IM 'phishing'?


Phishing by definition is: - 

In computing, phishing (also known as carding and spoofing) is a form of social engineering, characterised by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, such as an email or an instant message. The term phishing arises from the use of increasingly sophisticated lures to "fish" for users' financial information and passwords.

Source :-

Phishing is a problem with the e-mail and IM systems, in E-mail it is normally discarded with the spam but with IM because it is controlled by a human is more dangerous, a person could befriend you on the internet extract sensitive information out about you and use it to acquire money, from credit card companies or load companies on the internet.


What is usenet?

Usenet was a bulletin board set up in around 1979 at the duke university. It was similar to a forum where members could post comments and others could add to them providing they have access to the internet. The idea and popularity of newsgroup or forums have grown over the past years. An there are now thousands of forums available for everyone to view on all kinds on topics from computer to cars.

            Many of the forums, which exist today, run from a php script, the forums have a log on and password, after logging onto the forum you can view other peoples post and add your own comments. Many modern forums also offer other features such as search wizards and personal messaging. Personal messaging on forums is like sending e-mail to some one but it is totally internal and is handle by the script and not mail server.

            Many different types of people use newsgroup and there are many reasons for using them, newsgroups can be used for personal or for business use. There are newsgroups, which will give you information about your hobby or personal information. Another use for newsgroups is for technical support, you can post a question you would like answering and if another member knows the answer or can tell you where to find the answer them they will. An example of this is the

In newsgroups you can share experience so others can learn, in some ways newsgroup are like textbooks on any subject you can always find an answer to your question.

One of the main benefits that people get from using newsgroups is learning from others. You can ask people like yourself who share the same interests a question and they will try and help you from there own experience and knowledge, it is an unlimited resource as it is constantly expanding as people add to it. So you can always find an answer. Another benefit of newsgroups is you get to meet people who share the same interests as you and help each other with problems you may be having or have had.


Newsgroups also exist through the use of e-mail, or a mailing list. What would happen is you will sign up to the newsgroup and then you will start receiving e-mail from the group with information and questions on. You can send e-mail to this mail group and the e-mail will go to everyone in that group, similar to sending an e-mail to several people at the same time, however doing this through a newsgroup is safer because not one can find your e-mail address as the mail isnít sent directly to you it is sent to the group. An example of this is ďvbcodehome@googlegroups.comĒ this is a newsgroup about visual basic programming this particular newsgroup is hosted by google. As you can see this doesnít show a list of member or the member who sent the e-mail, it just appears and says it is from So it is more secure.

 It is possible to use newsgroups for the purpose of research. In modern forum it is possible to set up a post which acts as a poll or you could post a survey and ask people to send there answers to your e-mail address. And in newsgroups were you send e-mail to the group you could post a list of questions and ask people to reply to the group, so it is possible to conduct research by the use of newsgroups however you must look at the integrity of the data because people could answer anything, and also if you are asking questions bout computer knowledge on a computer forum then you arenít getting an un-biased view of people. To use newsgroup for collecting you must really collect information from a group of newsgroups so to get an un-biased view.


Online conferencing

 The definition of online conferencing is: -

 Web conferencing is used to hold group meetings or live presentations over the Internet. In the early years of the internet, the terms "web conferencing" and "computer conferencing" were often used to refer to group discussions conducted within a message board (via posted text messages), but the term has evolved to refer specifically to "live" or "synchronous" meetings, while the posted message variety of discussion is called a "forum", "message board", or "bulletin board".


Online conferencing can be used by anyone from individuals to large multinational companies; it allows you to use multimedia to demonstrate something or to talk to people over the Internet.

Online conferencing can also be used by educational establishments to enhance distance-learning programs. With can be done using video conferencing where a computer is used to connect the lecturerís home or work place where the lesson can then be delivered. This has been made possible over the last few years but the introduction of faster Internet connection.

A simple form of online conferencing is video conferencing, which is provided by instant messaging services such as MSN. The latest version of MSN messenger enabled you to hold video conversation, which consists of video and audio streaming.  This enables real-time conversation to take place as if you actually sitting with the person you are talking too.

Businesses can use online conferencing in many different way, they can use it for meetings, presenting ideas or for training purposes.

It is possible with a system like breeze to set up business meetings with multiple people from around the world, so you could meet with a person in the states and a person in Europe and all sit in your own offices. This is great on the business side because it mean the business doesnít have to pay for accommodation abroad and you can continue to work once the conference has finished. Again with a system like breeze you can set up demonstrations of programs or tutorials, and record your commentary over the top so you can show people how to do something and explain at the same time.  This is a new way of online learning and is used in business because it allows the company who developed the software to show a group of people all at the same time and they can all be in different locations.

With online conferencing you can create presentations to sell a product or service, this enhances your company because anyone can watch the presentation whenever they want to and learn about the product.

I feel online conferencing had the potential to take over from traditional conferencing. This is because it is convenient as you can do it form the comfort of your office, and donít have to travel. It is also less expensive (apart from the initial set-up cost) because if your business has a client in for example Japan it would be cheaper to set-up a video conference then send a representative over there. However the downside of online conferencing is it looses the personal touch. If you were going to purchase something would you rather talk to a salesman in person or talk to a salesman on the Internet? So I feel that it will become even more popular it is removing the personal touch out of business, which some clients may not go for.




Blog is short for weblog. A Blog is a list of articles, which shows the authors opinions and view about a subject. They are normally updated manually however with the creation of software to automate the maintenance and update of the blog.  Blog can have several uses from a personal blog like a diary to a corporate blog showing development of the company over a period of time maybe a month or so.  The time scale, which they are based over, can change so for example a blog could have an entry made into it everyday or just maybe once every few months. Some of these sites are made interactive like forums so others can leave their opinions and suggests, while others are there only to read. Some of the popular blogs have there own RSS feed which means people can be notified when it is update and send a brief cut down snippet of the text to you.

The function of blogging is available by many companies free of charge, and each offers slightly different things. From different amounts of space on the web servers to free register domain with it.

Many people use blogs and can be used to show different things, for example a blog maybe a personal like a diary or it may be fro a computer showing company development. Some personal blogs may show just and ordinary diary or it may show the track of a campaign, which that are involved with, or there thought and feelings about something, which is happening to them. A companies blog may show the develop of a project, like a journal. Or may show the development of the company as a whole. The benefits of writing blogs are to share your experiences with others. In companies a blog, which show the development of the company, may help sell your product/services or even help your company on the stock market. If a trader can see that your company is growing and that you have future plan and Ideas it may just tip the balance for them purchasing your shares instead of someone elseís.

There are advantages to blogging as well as disadvantages. One advantage is you can share experiences with people and let them learn from mistake you maybe have made, if you are a company then blogging is a good way of showing development and offer publicity to your company. However on the downside, with personal blogs, you are sharing your life with other people and it is possible form them to abuse the information you are telling them. Also with personal blogs you are telling people your opinions and view about things, which they may not always agree with. So you have the possibility of getting comment added to your blog, which arenít what you want.


Statistic on blogging


  • It is estimated that 50 million Americans visited blogs during the first quarter of 2005
  • Analysts estimate that a new blog is created every second
  • The current count for blogs world wide is 14.2 million
  • These figures shown have doubled over the last five months.


Blogs can also me used to hide malicious code such as virus, Trojan and key loggers.