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Information Age


The Face of the Information Age


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Personal life

There are many new technologies that people are taking advantage of, these include technologies such as E-Mail services, and Messenger service and also entertainment service. Also depending on what people are into as hobbies will also depends n what other services they ma use, for example if some one is into walking they may plan routes online then print them out, or they may talk to other people who share similar are arrange to meet up.  The are many reason why people use these internet service, one of the many reasons is because the internet is an unlimited resource all the information you would ever want to know you can find on the internet, or if you can’t find it you can find someone who does know and e-mail them. I also think we use Internet service a lot because it is fast and often free or very cheap.

There are many services available over the internet that make life easier, for example you can sit at home and check your bank balance, or at work and order your shopping. There are little things that help us save time, and anything which saves people like, because it gives them time to do what they want to instead of having to do all the boring day to day tasks that have to be done life shopping, or making a visit to the bank to transfer money.

Internet banking has really taken off over the past few years with banks pushing it and enabling it for a majority of there customers. This facility allows people to log onto the banks website using secure ports on the computer for safety and check there balance, ask for help and also transfer money from on account into another. With some banks you can also transfer money from your account into business accounts so you can clear invoices. So it is possible to purchase something online and transfer the money electronically without having to use a credit or debit card that come people are very keen on. 

It is also possible to do our shopping online this process once set-up may only take a few minutes each week just to confirm your order and add any extras on that you may need for that week. The allow you more time to do with what you want to instead of having to go out shopping for groceries.  There is a growing number of people who are starting to use online services this is because they are becoming more confident with the security provided by the sites. I feel that there are also a growing number of people using it because the generation is changing so the people who are now young adults were the original people to whom Internet shopping was available too.  However for the increasing number of people who now use Internet shopping there are also those who don’t. This may be for varying reasons however the many reason is because they still do not feel safe entering their credit card or debit card details in to the computer. They hear stories of people who have been charged thousands of pounds after having their details stolen. However what they aren’t told in the stories that they hear is that it doesn’t happen to that many people, and it is only a small percentage of people compared to the people who have used it and have never had any problems. There are of course other reasons why other people don’t use it as well another major one is that they are losing the personal touch. And also that if any thing goes wrong they won’t get he same service as if the were to have brought it from a retail store. However this is also not true as quite often the people and service online is better then that provided in the shop, I feel.

It is also possible to further your education and develop yourself personally by the help of online training courses and educational websites. There Internet is an endless resource, it contains any piece of information you may ever want to know. There are also sites that offer online course were you read there information provided and then sit an exam and you will get a qualification, an excellent example of this is the MCSE and MCSA certification course. These are course provided my Microsoft (Microsoft certified systems engineer and Microsoft certified systems administrator) There are many website that will allow you to download e-book with all the information you need to pass these courses. There are many other sites that will give you all the information of other qualifications as well.


Social life


A chapter in this e-book is titled communications service; these are all service that allows you to communicate with other people. Theses service can be used to communicate with companies or with friends and family.  However in this section we will concentrate on how it can be used to communicate with friends and family. The main communication methods over the Internet are instant messaging and e-mails. These allow you to talk to a single person or to a group of people and for your conversation to be private. 

E-mail is sending an “electronic letter” to someone, so it is identical to a letter you may write to anyone however it is all done electronically, you write it on a computer, the computer sends it and another computer is used to receive the e-mail. Then it can be read on the computer or printed off through the computer. This has the advantage of being quick then traditional mail.

Instant messenger is similar to e-mail however instead of sending a message and not knowing if they are there you can send a message and talk to them in real time. So you would sign into this service and your friend would also sign in, he/she can see that you are online and you can see that they are online then can start a conversation with them, and because you know there person is at there computer you can send messages back and forward. Also with some of the latest messaging services you can also send and receive web cam so you can see them, and so send and receive audio so you can hear them as well. Effectively you can have a conversation with them as if they were in the same room you can see them and also hear them.

There are also chat room. Chat rooms are like messenger services however anyone can talk to you so you aren’t as safe as you are with instant messaging.  With chat rooms you can meet new people, one of the major disadvantages to these chat rooms are that anyone can talk to you. An example you may be in a chat room and talking to someone who isn’t who they say they are. Where as with messenger service you can only talk to people who you have added into your contact list, so effectively you can only talk to your already existing friends or people who your existing contacts know. So you are less likely to talk to “dodgy” characters.

People use these services because you can’t also speak to some one face to face, or maybe you want to talk to someone on the other side of the world. I am into programming and there are very few people in the UK who I can find to help me, so I have found some people in different countries. And I can talk to them as if they were in this country. I have e-mail them and asked questions and I have spoken to them in messenger services. People use these services because again they are faster then traditional methods and also they are either free of very cheap to use.

People can use these services however they want too. The services are always running and are always accessible for people to use. Therefore people can use the services whenever they want to, and where ever they want too, providing they have a computer and connection to the Internet.

There service also allow you to meet new people, they can be done through chat rooms or through e-mailing people whom you may have similar interests with.

There are a growing number of people using these services. The number of people who will be using e-mail and messenger service will increase as e-mail is now national curriculum so children are now being shown how to use e-mail and the internet safely. Almost everyone leaving schools today are computer literate so they are all capable of using theses service, the only problem with why people don’t use the internet is because they do not have access at home. This is the only really problem why people don’t use these services.


Professional life


Computer and the communication of information is used allot in business. An advert is the communication of information; they think how many adverts for different products you see everyday.

Businesses use a majority of the service that are available because they are the ones who fund the research into the areas. All businesses rely heavily on their communications systems. So they may use e-mail, instant messenger and also programs that track whether employees are in the office or out on a call.

Businesses use communication services because it is quick and allows fast replies. If they were using traditional mail systems it may take a day for the recipient to receive it and a day for them to send a reply and fro you to receive it. So in total that is 2 days, if they use electronic communication systems, it make take seconds for them to receive it, and few minutes to read it and write a reply, so in total that may have taken a maximum of about 30 minutes, instead of a few days. The one disadvantage of e-mails is that they aren’t physical so you don’t always know if you have got any mail. Unless you sit with your e-mail client open.  So you can see why businesses use electronic communications systems because it is much faster and when you are working on a project with closing deadlines and you need to get in contact with someone send a normal piece of mail would be to slow.

A majority of businesses now have at least one e-mail address; this is because it is quicker and cheaper then sending postal mail. However on the other hand there are companies who have dedicated servers that do nothing but send and receive mail.


Information sourced from:- internet, Magazine articles, personal experience, textbooks, interviews.


Communication: - ICT has seriously effected the way in which people communicate, for example people now would rather send e-mail then send letters through the postal service this is because an e-mail is guaranteed to get there. It is also quick as e-mail may only take a few seconds to send and for the recipient to receive the mail. Also if you are sending a lot of mail it is cheaper to send e-mails. This is because to send a piece of mail through the postal service it will cost around thirty pence, this may not be bad if you are sending a single piece of mail however it may not be good if you have 10 letters to send (£3 for ten letters), if you were to use e-mail the only cost that is incurred during the sending of mail is that of your access to the internet. There are also other ways to use the internet for communication these different methods are discussed in the communication section of this e-book. Theses innovations have dramatically changed the way people communicate with each other. With the new innovation people can communicate faster and cheaper then ever before. Therefore revolutionising the communication business.




There are many teaching methods that are accepted in modern education; almost all of these include some form of computers or different form of communication apart from the teacher talking to you.  There have been many additions to the classroom of recent years these include device such as project, interactive whiteboards and computers. These are all designed to allow the students to take up more information. There are three ways in which people learn these are auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning. Each of these are different, auditory learner learn by listening to information and they will take it onboard them selves this to done through listening. Visual learners are the same as auditory learner although instead of listening they want to be able to see thing and see example of the thing happening. Then there is kinaesthetic which is doing something. This is to learn something they must do the said activity and experience it for themselves. These three learning style have to be incorporated into compulsory education. So from the year 1 all the way through to year 11 the teacher should be addressing the needs for each type of learner in every lesson. This can be done extremely easily with ICT and the Internet. An example the teacher may have a lesson to do with Word processing. With a whiteboard in their classroom they can some the visual learner, while explain what they are doing for the auditory learners. And then once explained to the class, it’s the turn of the kinaesthetic learner to have a go at it.  This can easily be remembered in the acronym IDEA.


  • I – Introduction for auditor learners
  • D- Demonstration for visual learners
  • E – Explanation for auditory and visual learners
  • A – Activity for the kinaesthetic learners.


“IDEA”  - Choi Kwang do Instructor handbook


The use of ICT in teaching had made teaching a lot easier as it also all the types of learner to be incorporated into the lesson.

E learning is the use of resources over the Internet to support or provide a course. E-learning allow the contents of the course to be available anywhere so and Example Thomas Telford school offer e-learning, this is were they write the scheme of work to fit with the course specification and then other school subscribe to it. Because the resources are available over the Internet, student can access all the information they require from school or from home. This allow student to work on there work when they want to. E-learning has allowed people with very little time spare to fit in courses because they are able to learn when they have time, and the course information is always there for you.

The “virtual classrooms” is still a concept idea it is in some forms possible and is already done, with video conferencing you can sit at a computer and talk to a tutor and they may be many miles away. So it is possible in some ways to have a lesson that is presented from somewhere else, so as the lesson isn’t actually where you are that would make it virtual. However the idea of an entire virtual classroom were all the information is available to you is getting closer, it isn’t quite with us yet. You can sit at a computer with internet access and get all the information you could ever require, in fact far much more information they you could ever think of.

There are many advantages to they use of ICT in teaching, ICT allow the information to be put across to all the different type of learning very easily so it allow you to accommodate all students.  The aim of a school is to achieve the best pass rate; the advantage of the use of ICT is it allows this to be done. The advantage to the individual is also present because it allow there learning style to be incorporated into the lesson therefore allowing them to learn more effectively.

Computer and the Internet (both large parts of ICT) allow information to flow freely to people. The internet allows anyone to find information about anything, so in the long run because it allow people to access any information they want it will have an effect on society. It will create people who are more knowledgeable and aware of issue that may be happening.


Entertainment and leisure

ICT has affect out entertainment and leisure time this is in two ways. First, with the use of the Internet it allows instant access to movies or music so you can get access to entertainment. And secondly, communication of information has allowed more people to hear about different leisure activities. So in some ways the use of ICT has effected our entertainment and leisure. However the way in which it affects you will depend on how able you are at using a computer and how willing you are to allow it. The way it affects you allow depends on what you would class as leisure time. So people will find sitting a computer playing and fiddling relaxing and would class it as leisure time, however others would class going out and doing sporting recreation as leisure time. For those who enjoy computer ICT has then things such as instant messenger allows you to socialize. Instant messenger is a brilliant development as it allows you talk to people even when you are unable to be with them. This development is international so it is possible to have conversation with people on other countries. The developments help us enjoy ourselves because it allows information about our hobbies to come to us. So we can get more out of our hobbies if we know more about it.

With the increase in computer users over the last few years the number of hobbies that are supported over the internet and other information systems. An example of this is if you are into computers on the hardware side you can find almost unlimited information about it on the internet.

Also with the increase of computer users there are more people who will sit in front of a computer and will not take an physical activities which in the long term will result in health problems.  This problem is starting to affect some people however I predict that this problem will increase dramatically with in the next decade.

Banking and online shopping


Internet shopping is a new trend, and is extremely popular and it is still growing. ICT has changed the way that we shop because it is now secure to purchase items online. This means that you can do your weekly shopping online.  This would then mean that you have more time to do the things that you enjoy.

With internet shopping it is possible to shop whenever you want, where ever you want and also however you want. You can develop totally unique and odd shopping behavior and patterns. You can purchase anything off the internet. So with the internet you can totally customize your shopping experience, making it more popular with some people today. This is the same with internet banking it allows you to do what you want when you want to.

I feel there are far more advantages then there are disadvantages. There is of course the largest problem that people see, fraud. Well in fact it isn’t a big problem; it is just that people hear about it and think that if they do internet shopping it will happen to them.


Employment opportunities


There are a wide jobs that have been created by ICT. The majority of jobs that have been produced are the ones on technical support. All the jobs that are in any other product there are in ICT from design to manufacture. From Sales assistants to Technical support.  The amount of jobs that are produced by the ICT industry is increasing as more and more people are required for technical support, and other jobs.

There are many drawbacks to ICT an example of this is that with a computer one person can do the job of ten with the help of a computer. So along with creating jobs it is also destroying jobs.

I feel currently there is a shortage in skills however there are many people who are currently training to fill the vacant positions. As a result of this in the future there will be an abundance of qualified ICT people. Therefore decreasing the demand the wages that are currently high for Administrator will come down.

As the development of ICT is so rapid it is hard to say what the demand on new people will be or even if people are able to do these jobs. However it is possible to say that the number of people who support and use computers will increase as technology improves and how it can be used at home and in business is further developed.

E-Skills are skills that employers what for there employees. These normally relate to the use of ICT equipment such as the Internet. So that the employer doesn’t have to spend time training there new employee who to use there systems.  We need these skills mainly because it is what employers are looking for, if you are capable of fitting in with the information age then you are more likely to get jobs. If you are unable to fit in, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get jobs; you may just find it harder, as it means your new employer has got to pay and send you on a course about how to use the information systems.


The use of ICT in everyday life is increase, and will continue to increase because it makes everyday tasks easier. The use of ICT in particularly noticeable in peoples professional lives. There are very few jobs you will go into now where you will no meet a computer for something, even if it is only for ordering. There are other jobs that are very heavily reliant on ICT such as administration and technical support. ICT is also noticeable in some people’s personal and social lives. My younger people today use services such as instant messenger as a way of talking with friends. There are other service such as online shopping and e-mail that are also starting to have an impact on people’s personal and social lives. Computer and the use of ICT has changed the way that we live, almost everything with do now has the use of a computer or use one of the information systems. Computer have become a large part of people live, it is making people now lazy, as what used to take some one maybe a couple of days by hand can be done now in just a few hours or in minutes. People are now taking computers for granted, this is making people lazy. This may of a long term have a detrimental effect on people’s health, because if people sit at computers all day they are taking less exercise. If would advise people to take brakes away from computers.