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Multi-player games

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Multi-player games


Multi-player games are games were several people can play against or with other people over the internet or over a LAN (Local area Network). These games can take several forms; they can be real time strategy or any of the normal game genres. The games can be player on many different platforms form PC to game consoles and also a new feature you can also play multi-player games on mobile phones. Many of these games also provide a\ chat service so you can also talk to people as you play against or with them. This new generation of gamming is generating millions of pound for the economy.

Most people today have home computer some of theses computer have been modified so they run the latest technology for the best experience when gamming. So of there computer may include graphics cards with maybe a few gigabytes of RAM (Random access memory), High quality sound cards and high speed processors. It is possible to play a game against other people over the internet or over a LAN. Many modern games support both of these features. On most computer games you run your computer in either server or client mode this is determined by who setup the original game. So for example if you have 10 people playing a game against each other over a LAN. Then the computer that the game was setup on is known as the server and this computer is the master it has control over everything which happens in the game. All the information that the game has to passes on the other computers in the game has to go through the server machine. The other machine which are also part of the game are known as clients, these computer will pass all of there information to the server.  Once the game has been set-up then the people within that game can play or leave when they want to. They can also talk to one another through the normally supported messenger service. This is extremely similar to instant messenger.

If there are people willing to play against you, you can play at what ever time you want, you can play a game in the middle of the night or during the day. Some games that people have set-up have lasted over several days. The computer services are almost constant so you aren’t limited to when you can play the online games. If you get a group of fiends of member of a club which are into gaming they will sometime hold what are called LAN parties, which is were they will arrange a meeting and play games against each other over a LAN. These parties are social event, they will show off there computer and compare and show each other modification they have done to there computer.  

You can play online games almost anywhere since if you have a connect to a network and someone else is wiling to play a game against you. You can play from the comfort of your home or with any one anywhere in the world. Also with the recent introduction of playing game on mobile it is now even easier to play online games.

There are many people who play games in this way, a majority of which are of the younger generation. Many teenagers may play online games as it is a good and safe way of socialising while having fun. Many of the people who play the online games are into computer on a technical level this is because a gamer always wants to make the games run smoother, and the only way to do this is to upgrade you computer and make modifications to it. So therefore many of the gamers are also into computer on a technical level.

There are to two main types of gamers, casual and “hard-core”. The casual gamers will only play to relax or then they have some free time. Hard-core gamer are the ones who have to technical knowledge of the computer as well, these are the people who modify there computer to run the games better and faster.

There is a lot of technology which is available today to make gamer’s computer run better. The main component in a computer is its processor, the faster the processor, generally the better the computer. However with computer gaming it doesn’t just rely on the speed of the processor but also on the architecture of it as well. This is that way in which the components are placed inside of the processors. An example of this is the competition between AMD processor and Intel. They are both extremely popular processor. There are draw backs and advantages to both of these processors. The AMD processor has n extremely advanced architecture however they produce a lot of heat that isn’t good inside in a computer, were  as Intel are still good there architectures aren’t quite as good in my opinion however they do not produce a lot of heat which is better. Also Intel processor tends to be smaller, if you see an Intel processor only about a half an inch square in the middle of the chip has any circuitry on. On AMD processor a majority of the processor as you see it is the circuitry. There have also recently a lot of advancements in the technology on the graphic cards as well; this helps to make the game more realistic. The major disadvantage to “doing” up your computer is that when a computer becomes more powerful it creates a lot of heat that needs to be moved away from the computer, as many part inside a computer have got operating temperatures. All computers are sensitive to heat so it is important to expel heat way from the computer as quick and as quietly as possible, this is were the problem is, the major way of cooling a computer it to add exhaust fans on to it, however there are extremely noisy. So if you are into gaming you have to work out a compromise between the speed of the computer and the noise, sometime making your computer a little slow so you can actually hear yourself.  

There is an increasing community on the internet who are dedicated to gaming however many of these sites are locked off because it I for fee paying customers. There are many services which are offered free of charge.  Theses include places such as MSN game zone, these aren’t full proper games but you can play games against others.